General Sessions

Steve Piscitelli

Nationally recognized teacher, workshop facilitator and author

Wednesday, May 17, 9:00 am - 10:30 am

1.0 – Opening Round-tables Discussion

The Growth and Resilience of the Organization and the Person: A Goal-Achieving Model

Goals can be powerful motivators. They provide direction, purpose and energy.  And, if you are not clear on the “what” and the “why” of your goals, they can lead you in unhealthy directions. When it comes to your organizational wellbeing, what serves and does not serve you and your team? How about your personal health and wellbeing? All of us have experienced times when one or more of the dimensions of our lives (professional and personal) just did not seem to be working any longer. Something was missing. Something no longer sustained our wellbeing (organizational and personal). When that occurs, how do you increase awareness, identify assumptions, and take appropriate actions?  Steve Piscitelli will walk you through a “reflecting, removing, and replacing” strategy that focuses on the growth and resilience of the organization and the person.

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Begin a process to become (more) aware of what dimensions of your life (professional and personal) no longer serve your wellbeing—and what you can do about that.
  2. Understand the difference between smart grit and dumb grit when pursuing goals.
  3. Using the practice of a second R.E.A.D. to evaluate your goals according to relationships, excitement, authenticity, and difference.

Steve Piscitelli is a nationally recognized facilitator, author, and teacher.  He has written and published ten books, has more than 30 years of direct (face to face) classroom professional development experience, and is a TEDx talk presenter.  He also carries his teachings to his weekly blog (nearly 7 years old), podcast channel, and YouTube channel.  Steve received his undergraduate degree from Jacksonville (FL) University with a major in Sociology, where he graduated as the Valedictorian.  Steve earned a Masters in Education from the University of North Florid and a Masters in History (United States concentration) from the University of Florida.  He taught for 33 years.  Florida State College at Jacksonville named Steve as one of the ‘Fabulous 50’

Wednesday, May 17, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

3.0 Lunch Panel: The Open Office Movement –Does One-Size Fit All For Workplace Design?

Over the last several years, many large and influential organizations have been focused on their real estate and workplace, adopting open office floor plans, edgy design, latest technology and lavish amenities. As the masses have tried to adapt to this popular approach, and achieve all of the reported benefits, for many organizations it has not been a smooth transition and in some cases has had disastrous results for their operations. An ongoing partnership is required between facilities management, change management, human resources, designers, and technology to understand the end user’s core business and achieve the optimal real estate solution.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the evolution of the workplace.
  2. Does open concept and shared space work for everyone?
  3. How to best ensure your real estate supports your organizational culture and operations.


Debbie Baxter

Vice President, Deloitte Real Estate

Lisa Fulford-Roy

Managing Director Workplace Strategy, national Occupier Services Group | CBRE Limited

Andrea Wolf

MCR.w, SLCR, Real Estate and Workplace Strategist

Cathy French

Director, Global Workplace Strategy & Design at Royal Bank of Canada

Ram Srinivasan

Vice President, Consulting, JLL

Panel Moderator

Kate North

Workplace Transformation, Change Leader and Community Builder

Mary A. Redmond

International speaker, author, negotiator and body language expert

Thursday, May 18, 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

8.0 – Closing Lunch Session

Listen More: Demonstrate Your Brilliance

We listen to our own inner conversation or to others in our home and at work from the moment we wake until we lay our head on the pillow at night. Communication is exhausting. Great communication, at times seems impossible. We know that to our ear, the sweetest sound is not the sound of our spouse professing their love for us or the sound of our newborn baby cooing. Nope, it’s the sound of our own voice. The shocking revelation is that if we’d close our mouths and stifle our brilliance, we’d be more successful and happy.

Tough to swallow? Most of us will admit that we are occasionally, poor listeners. We accept that once in awhile, we fail to give someone our full attention. Far too often, we react to what we thought we heard and not what someone said. It is rare for most of us to stop to confirm the message we “heard” and whether or not it is what the speaker really intended for us to hear. Instead of pausing to confirm the speakers intent, we spend most of our time crafting our rebuttal. Usually we begin by saying “Yes…But It would be better if…..” How do you improve listening skills and show others you hear what they say and your are prepared to react appropriately? Click here for more info »

Followed by…

1:45 pm – 3:00 pm

Facilitated Round-table Huddles: Demonstrate Your Brilliance – In Action!

Following the dessert and coffee break, put your skills to the test in the facilitated round-table huddles. Attendees will have the opportunity to take this extra time to really focus on developing those crucial communication skills discussed in the lunch session. Do not miss the chance to discuss with your peers on problems you have experienced, overcome, and witnessed in this interactive, facilitated experience.

Mary A. Redmond is an international speaker, author, negotiator and body language expert.  For more than 21 years, Mary negotiated contracts for some of the largest financial institutions in the world including GE Capital, Ford Financial Services, Mellon Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. For the past 15 years, she’s worked with people who want to improve the outcomes of every business conversation, meeting, relationship, negotiation or conflict. She helps people get “More of What They Want in Life” while not sacrificing professional or personal relationship. Her workshops include hands on opportunities for all attendees to practice learning principles that include accurately reading and interpreting Body Language while sharpening Listening techniques and developing improved business partnerships. She developed the HEARD Negotiation Process, which works well in all interpersonal communications. Once mastered, workshop participants will be able to be HEARD at work, home and in the community.